Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Danish Pastry, my favorite

I made this pastry two weeks ago in honor of the fact that I WASN'T in St. John running 8 Tuff Miles (ugh, again). For anyone who can't readily see the correlation, St. John was settled by the Danes.....

Regardless, its lovely and I can eat a whole loaf in less than one day. I once got in trouble as a 7 year old kid for eating a whole loaf in grandma's kitchen by myself while everyone was in the pool. You just can't stop yourself!

Ah yes, and for good measure I threw in some chocolate zucchini bread. With what food do YOU lose all control?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Snowmageddon, Part 2

This is purely photographic...I had to show the other successes (and the one very pretty but somewhat dull quasi-failure) of my snow-bound kitchen madness.

I think that the mushroom risotto was the most comforting dish with its earthy wine-and-garlic soaked aroma. How can you argue with something that smells like that?

This is the coconut and peanut butter bar expiriment. Karen, in my office, was the only person satisfied by them. The recipe is from Gourmet's cookbook and I thought it sounded like a lot of flour, so I reduced it by 1/4 cup. I should have reduced it further and added some chocolate chips. I'll try again another time. They were indeed pretty.

The star of the week was a repeat of Saag Paneer (without paneer this time; a dollop of cottage cheese does the trick!) I topped it with Eric's mango chutney. The spicy and sweet together is truely to die for. I wrote the recipe on here in November. Go find it and make it asap!!

Also, I had to show you that I taught myself to make a cappuccino at home without any sort of milk steamer. So I guess that its actually not a true cappuccino, but you can see that it was steamy and frothy; a perfect antidote to the weather!

Please Please please, let spring come SOON!!! I think I speak for all of us when I say that we really would love a good, solid dose of promising sunshine at least.