Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A few photos and happy news......

I'm so far behind, people! Since the tomato soup we've made eggplant parm, three kinds of jam, canned tomatoes and spent a week in Big Sur and the Bay Area. After an excellent summer together, Eric has left me to return to Richmond (wah!)and I'm left to wallow in my lonliness.

Then, lo and behold, such happy news from the homestead up north to cheer me up. People: we have CHICKENS!! Not just your average egg-layers. These ladies (and their one rooster) are very lovely Polish hens. They are our new friends and family and I'm just dying to meet them. Apparently, they are quite friendly and like to be held. I must recognize that these are a gift to Aunt Karen for her half-centennial birthday coming up in just a few weeks. Of course, they are Aunt Karen's chickens. But I'm sure they already know who feeds them. Can they crow for Gramma yet? Before any naming ceremonies take place, may I request that we call one of them Francine?

Aside from the chickens here are a few photos of the Berkeley Farmers Market from this past Saturday. O.M.G. I wanted to BUY IT ALL. If we weren't hopping a plane in three hours, I swear I would have made friends with someone who owned a home in Berkeley so I could cook this produce for dinner.
To come: jam and a comprehensive restaurant review from our trip. Let's just say that I'm on a diet.

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