Friday, February 5, 2010

Flying Spaghetti Monster by Eric

This is a quick video that coinsides with the Chicken Noodle Sour recipie that Jill posted. Obviously, homemade noodles are far better than any store bought brand; although, these turned out with an amazingly silky consistancy that was easy for even the biggest carb-hater to indulge in. Don't be hatin..get down with your noodle lovin self. *

*Disclaimer...I don't agree with this so much, but since she's sitting next to me I have to comply with her wishes. "Jill is unshowered and still in pj's- beware." Her quote in third person.

Also, this video was only meant to serve as a visual for our noodle excursion and is only meant for entertainment purposes. However, I encourage you all to make these for yourselves.

One last note, I prefer Jill's natural state of beauty and think she looks marvelous!

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