Friday, June 11, 2010

A busy weekend....

Eric and I had fun with some new recipes last weekend. My paella pan was just screaming to be christened after FIVE whole years of sitting around untouched. I'm sorry, paella pan. And then a rain storm chased us inside forcing us to make an orange-scented panettone topped with sliced almonds and early season cherries from the farmers market. I'm not kidding. The recipe called out to us from a book saying in Jamie Oliver's cute British accent "bake me!"

Well, the cherries were rediculously expensive so I had to do something extra special with them. We had it for breakfast after a night of HOT Jamblaya. For all of our paella needs, we went to A&H Seafood in Bethesda. This truly spanish fish market is full of awesome imports and have paella pans hanging from the ceiling.

We loosely followed a recipe from the yellow Gourmet cookbook. But instead of sticking to a solely seafood dish, we opted to add the chicken thighs I had to use up from our trip to Polyface Farms last year and chorizo from Whole Foods. WOW what excellent chorizo. It gave the dish a ton of flavor.

Go for some paella this summer. It's just too fun to miss out. I almost said "miss out on" but that would be ending my sentence in a preposition, which would get me in big trouble. Anyways, be sure to play some Gipsy Kings while you cook.

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