Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reminder: I still love peanut butter

After a really tough training session and lovely dinner with Joy last night that truly filled me up (she cooked! For me! In a sexy new All-Clad pan!) I got home and my metabolism caught up with my earlier expenditure of energy. It was 10:30 and I had a conversation with the little gnome inside my head.

He said "'re hungry, aren't you? It's 10:30 at night! You always say you can't eat that late, but I know what's going on and I'm going to nag you until you give in". I said "what? Who are YOU calling hungry? I'm just fine. Totally fine. I'm not even thinking about the jar of peanut butter in the pantry" my voice trailed off and I floated to the pantry. The little gnome gloated "I knew it! You think you're so tough. But your willpower can't withstand the tempation of the peanut butter".

And he's right. Who doesn't love peanut butter? I've got three jars in the house right now, all for different moods. I happily dug a soup spoon out, dipped it in the smuckers natural and then re-dipped in the Nutella. I'm a bad, bad, naughty person. And it feels so good.

I started re-reciting my only foray into poetry. For any new readers (uh, yes you, please speak up and comment so I know you're there. Are you there?) two years ago I spent a few months living in a tent on a beach doing an archaeology internship. I lived out of a cooler and cooked on a camp stove and had few supplies. Peanut Butter was my best, most reliable friend and I wrote an ode. I thought I'd re-post it here for posterity.

And if Susanna happens to be reading, this is dedicated to her. She left the island that was her home for more than half a decade this week and I am sharing in her nostalgia. Susanna and Ronnie, best of luck in your move and lots of love.

"An Ode to Peanut Butter"

Oh, Peanut Butter, how you sustain me,

It's been just you and me as of lately.

Silky smooth or crunchy sweet,

almost as much protein as a piece of meat.

I prefer to eat your kind without hydrogenated oil,

but without refrigeration, I fear you would spoil.

You are perfect with jelly and other stuff,

but sometimes I'll even crave you with fluff.

On crackers, on wheat bread, on haagen daas vanilla,

I'll take you with me when we rent the villa.

A fiber-rich food that's good morning, noon or night,

when there's nothing else to eat, you're always right!

Oh, Peanut Butter you make chocolate taste better,

super dark or milky, you're so perfect together.

Sometimes you stick to the roof of my mouth,

unfortunately you are absent from grocery stores waaay down south.(south america that is)

If I become lucky with more fruits from Susanna,

I'll see you tomorrow morning on a banana.

Oh, Peanut Butter the ants share my love.

They often try to get into your tub.

This explains the three plastic baggies....

Just please don't make my thighs look saggy!

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